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Education and Training

Qtactical comes from a history of over 60 years of offering highly specialized lock defeat, covert entry, and other operational training. We have a tight network of staff to support training needs, from locksmiths, to safe technicians, to current and former covert operators.

First and foremost, we recognize that covert entry training and related classes need to be custom tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We listen to our customers and regularly create bespoke covert entry training solutions based on the requirements of the team requesting training.

We support our covert entry training courses with SME’s from all over the industry. We have instructors with expertise in a number of different areas:

  • Automotive locksmiths
  • Safe and vault locksmiths
  • International locksmiths
  • Current and retired covert operators
  • Covert entry tool specialists
  • Alarm specialists


Example Classes

Introduction to Restraints Escape / SERE


Two Days

Taught by a DoD veteran with 20+ years of experience teaching SERE, this course covers the basics of escaping from a variety of common restraints. Students are given the tools and knowledge needed to escape from handcuffs, flexicuffs, and improvised restraints such as ropes, trash bags, and duct tape. Moreover, students will put to practice the skill of concealing SERE equipment on their person.


Introductory Lock Picking


One Day

This class is recommended in conjunction with QT001 to give students a practical knowledge of lock picking in tactical environments. Knowledge gained will allow students to identify locks commonly found throughout the world and open many of them with traditional lock picking tools.


Improvised Lock Defeat


Five Days

Students will learn how to improvise lock defeat tools only from products available for purchase in common retail stores. Examples include lock picks, lock pulling tools, car opening tools, frame spreading tools, and more. Students will be challenged to venture out into actual hardware and general stores with limited amounts of money to complete practical lock opening exercises. For added realism, this class may be taught at an OCONUS location of the customer’s choice.


International Lock Impressioning Week 1


Five Days

Our International Lock Impressioning Series has been developed exclusively for government personnel with the need for an expanded CMOE skill set. Week 1 is tailored to provide the students with basic impressioning techniques on a wide variety of international locks. This is a hands-on but comprehensive impressioning class that accelerates the students through the basic skills to more advanced techniques by teaching students to make keys to locks found worldwide.


International Lock Impressioning Week 2


Five Days

This is the second course in our International Lock Impressioning series. This builds on Week 1 with more advanced techniques being demonstrated and practiced. Hands-on practical approaches will be taught for unique systems, special pins, special discs, and high security locks.


Medeco Service and Defeat


Two Days

This two-day course will expose students to the operation and bypass of Medeco mechanical high security lock products, used throughout the world. Students will develop and utilize skills to service, decode, bypass, or replicate keys for Medeco padlocks, deadbolts, cam locks, switch locks, and other relevant hardware.


Key Replication by Photography


One Day

Students will become proficient at key replication both by hand and with the use of a wide range of electronic key machines, including the Easy Entrie. The focus of this class is our new tool, the [redacted – please contact us for more information].


We have other more restricted classes available. Please contact us today contact@locktechinc.com.

All of our classes are restricted to vetted customers only.

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