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Lockmasters Complete Bypass Kit Preview

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Product Description

Lockmasters Complete Lock Bypass Tool Kit

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A complete set of bypass tools to get the job done. The set includes the miniknife, AM100 tool, straight knife, am700 tool. It also includes an instructional video.

The kit includes the following:

Lockmasters GL1012T Am700 Opening Tool

Opens The Most Popular and Widely Used Key Operated Padlock. By far the most popular and widely used key operated padlock for industrial and commercial applications is the American 700Series round body padlock. With millions in use today this makes the AM700 Opening Tool a must for your opening tool kit arsenal. Locks Included: American Key Operated Padlock Series 700, 1105, 5100 & also all American Non-Key Retaining Padlocks. (Does not work on new style locks with shields installed)

Lockmasters GL1011T Am100 Opening Tool

Opens Tool Boxes, Chests, Sheds, Gates & Other Popular Storage Locations. This tool is designed to open American Lock's popular 10, 30 and key operated 100 series padlocks. You will be amazed at how easy this tool opens these locks.

Lockmasters GL1010T Mini Knife

Open A Briefcase In Under A Minute Without Damaging The Lock. When a combination is lost or not available for a briefcase, this is the tool to open it in less than a minute. The same technique can also be applied to the same style combination padlocks and even GM combination glove box locks. When you open the lock with this tool you also obtain the correct combination. Briefcase Locks Include: Presto Combination Locks Include: Sesamee, Presto, Master 175.

Lockmasters GL1009T Straight Knife

The Fastest, Damage Free Method Of Opening Most Key Operated File Cabinets & Padlocks. Simply insert tool into keyway, push in and tilt to open lock. File Cabinet Locks Include: Hon (leading supplier), Hudson, S&G, Yale, Chicago 6842, Craftsman, Eagle, Fraim & ILCO (oldstyle) Padlocks: Slaymaker, Hercules, Imports, Ludell, Master 77, Sargent 752HS & 753HS & Taylor 781

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