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Lock Picks

Locks picks are of the most basic tools in an entry tool kit. When replacing old, worn lock picks, or looking to try a new type of lock pick set, there are dozens of different manufacturers to choose from. Lock picks from some manufacturers are stronger, some lock picks are thinner, some lock picks come with more variation in design, and some lock picks from with more ergonomic handles. Ultimately you, the customer, will have to weigh the pluses and minuses of the different lock picks available.

The staff at Qtactical have tried lock picks from all over the world in an effort to populate our online catalog with the best lock picks available. We could not settle on one that had everything, so we picked a handful of lock pick manufacturers to stock to give our customers the choice.

When considering a new lock pick set, Qtactical offers the following lock picks:

  • HPC Lock Picks
  • Peterson Manufacturing Lock Picks
  • Storm Lock Picks
  • Sparrows Lock Picks
  • Southern Specialties Lock Picks

HPC Lock Picks

HPC has a long history of selling tools to the civilian locksmith market. They are well known for their key machines, and likewise HPC lock picks are well known as a staple of the industry. The advantage of HPC lock picks is that many learned on them, so their familiar “popsicle stick” handles and lock pick shapes are a safe bet for many. From a construction standpoint, HPC lock picks are fairly simple. The lock picks themselves are stamped, leaving them with edges that many choose to sand prior to use. With proper training, these lock picks are not likely to break but certainly are not the strongest lock picks on the market.

Peterson Manufacturing Lock Picks

Peterson lock picks are a favorite of many. Manufactured in the USA, Peterson lock picks are widely regarded to be some of the most durable lock picks on the market. These picks also feature larger plastic handles which are, to some, more comfortable than the traditional metal style.

Storm Lock Picks

A newer player to the lock pick manufacturing scene is Storm. These picks are manufactured in the UK are beautifully polished. These lock picks are slightly thinner than Peterson but do not feature particularly thick handles (anodized aluminum handles can be added as needed).

Sparrows Lock Picks

Sparrows lock picks are manufactured in Canada and are well loved by many due to their wonderful finish. These lock picks are exceptionally smooth and come with no-nonsense handles. As an added bonus, Qtactical particularly likes the large tension wrench selection that comes with most Sparrows lock pick sets.

Southern Specialties Lock Picks

Southern Specialties lock picks are manufactured in the US and are a great alternative to HPC. They come in several different handle configurations, which many customers say great things about. To top it all off, Southern Specialties lock picks are some of the most economical on the market.

The best thing about buying lock pick sets is that you are not going to break the bank. Sign up to log in to our webstore where you can see photos of all of the lock pick sets we sell, or contact us if you have other questions about lock picks that we can help you with.

Qtactical has a large selection of picks in our online store. Sign up or log in today for access to these lock picks and more.

Lock Picks

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