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Account Closed

Account Closed

Thank you for taking the time to register at Qtactical.com. Unfortunately at this time your account access has been limited after review due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • You are not a government employee.
  • You are a locksmith or other civilian security professional. Qtactical.com access is not open to locksmiths, please contact our sister company Lockmasters Inc.
  • You did not provide enough information when signing up to establish government affiliation. Please contact us to provide additional information if available.
  • You are government or government affiliated but did not meet the required threshold for access to our webstore. Access is typically only granted to those whose primary and sole responsibility is technical surveillance or other related activities. Municipal or local police, firefighters, military locksmiths, SWAT team members, and similar individuals are typically not given access.

If you feel you meet the required threshold, please contact us by phone to provide addition clarification: 859-241-2063 x 211.


Lockmasters Technologies Inc. Staff

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